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Driven in Pursuit of Fast

Joe Sullivan​

I'm Joe. My cycling journey started in kindergarten with my first bike and the desire to be Fast. My family would go for walks along the shore of Lake Michigan as I'd dart ahead and double back. They'd try to reason with me to stay with them, my only reply being "but I like to go Fast!" As I grew through high school, I began to fall in love with the idea of turning what was a hobby into my full-time passion; linking up with my first coach and figuring out how I can bring out my inner 5-year-old and becoming Fast. By 18, I was well-trained in how to physically get myself to where I wanted, but still lacked the cycling IQ I desired. I spent my college years in Belgium, cycling's holy land, and returned home Faster than ever. I've spent 3 road seasons in Belgium, have won two road race state championships, and have collected experience from years of racing and riding both abroad and at home.

Passion for Shared Success

In 2018, I took on my first two clients: a USAC Category 3 road cyclist and a USAC Category 3 road/cyclocross rider, remotely from Belgium. I found that the Edgar Dale quote holds true: "We Remember... 70% of what we discuss with others, 80% of what we personally experience, 95% of what we teach others." With the experiences and success these two athletes and I shared, I found my craving for that cycling IQ even stronger than ever. I began to study deeper into the sport, from general aspects like training with power things pros do to include in our everyday lives. Over time, I've grown to take on more athletes, both those pursuing results and those after their best fitness alike. I want to bring you on my next athlete to learn together and share the success of becoming Fast.

Let's Get Fast
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